Bath By Chocolate

Chocolate is not just for eating. If you don't believe me, try Rendezvous' Chocolate Soap made with real chocolate.

Rendezvous_chocolate_soapWhen it arrived in the mail, I had a hard time not biting into it. Rendezvous owners Erik and Karen Burgess are a husband and wife team who are raising two kids while making all kinds of decadent indulgences. (Read more about them here.) While their speciality is environmentally friendly soy candles (they have a chocolate candle named for the Swiss Alps), I am partial to the soap. If it was in a bakery window, I'd have to bite it to know it wasn't a brownie.

Other Indie Beauty Network members offering you a chocolate fix:

Bella Lucce's Chocolate Spa: body wash, sugar scrub, masque, bath bubbles, etc. made with real Dagoba chocolate and French cocoa absolute.

Hella Good's Not That Innocent Chocolate Raspberry Truffle: woven cotton bath cloth drenched in cocoa powder, cocoa butter, raspberries and soothing oatmeal. Also in Chocolate Cherry, Hot Cocoa With Marshmallows and other indulgent flavors.

Safe Scents' Chocolate Cherry Cordial Bar With Shea Butter: you can't go wrong with shea butter, cocoa and goat milk to clean and sooth any skin type.

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