Movers and Makers: Shari Fowler of Iberian Skincare in Midlothian, Virginia

shari-fowler-of iberian skincare

Indie Business Network members are some of the most creative people in the world. They come from near and far, even in the smallest towns in America, they are creating a whole new way to integrate life and business. Today, I'm excited to tell you about one of them: Shari Fowler of Iberian Skincare in Midlothian, Virginia.Growing up, Shari was a self described perfume junkie. As time passed, for … [Read more...]

Opening Day at the Farmer’s Market

opening day at the matthews farmer's market

This month, all across America, Indie Business Network members are heading into the spring season at the local farmer's market. I just returned from opening day at the Matthews Community Farmer's Market near Charlotte, North Carolina. It was pouring down rain, but on the bright side, nothing sold out, even though I didn't arrive until late in the morning.I'm excited to share my haul with you, with … [Read more...]

IBP#014: Strategic Ways to Approach and Use Social Media [Podcast]

shama kabani on indie business podcast

I'm thrilled to bring another podcast out of the vault today, and this one is a favorite (like they all are). In this episode, author and social media consultant Shama Kabani shares insights to help you more easily embrace using social media for your business.To listen to my interview with Shama, and to put her tips to work in your business immediately, click the play arrow under the graphic. As … [Read more...]

Branding Tips for Handmade Entrepreneurs, from Whiskey Bottom Candle Company

whiskey bottom candle company

Indie Business Network members are some of the most creative people in the world. Not only do they design and produce amazing products, but they also have creative ways to showcase and market them. From very cool logos to fun-to-watch videos (like the one below), there is never a dull moment when it comes to our members and the handmade products they want to share with you.Our members inspire on … [Read more...]

IBP#013: How to Leave Your Job to Start Your Business, with Pam Slim [Podcast]

Indie Business Podcast Episode 13 with Donna Maria and Pam Slim

I'm thrilled to bring another podcast out of the Indie Business archives today! Why not? I've kept these timeless recordings to myself for long enough, and I'm excited to share them with you. In this episode, Pam Slim shares her tips and insights to help you transition from a traditional job to start your business, and perhaps, the life of your dreams.To listen to my interview with Pam, and to put … [Read more...]

Self-Care for Women Entrepreneurs: My Interview with Kelli Parisian

Kelli Parisian, Owner, Parisian's Pure Indulgence

--> If you are here from my April 7, 2014 newsletter, click here to read Grit Trumps Everything In Business. Sorry about the bad link. Indie Business Network members are amazing. While I have met dozens of them in person, I'm connected to many hundreds virtually. They all stand out for different reasons, and this week's featured member is no exception. I'm excited to introduce you to Kelli … [Read more...]

I’ll Deliver the Keynote Address at the Tennessee Soap and Candle Social!

green candle and cosmetics

Im excited to share that I will be traveling to Tennessee to deliver the keynote address at the Tennessee Soap and Candle Social on May 3-4th, 2013, at the Montgomery Bell State Park outside Nashville.Hosted by Rachel Turner of Music City Suds, the Tennessee Soap and Candle Social is an annual gathering of soapmakers and candlemakers from Tennessee and throughout the southeast region. I spoke last … [Read more...]

IBP#012: Simple Tips For Writing Good Marketing Copy, from Lorrie Morgan Ferrero [Podcast]

Indie Business Podcast with Donna Maria and Lorrie Morgan Ferrero

I'm thrilled to bring another podcast out of the Indie Business archives today! Why not? It is Throwback Thursday after all. In this episode, Lorrie Morgan Ferrero shares her best tips for writing good marketing copy. Whether it's a website, a brochure, a business card, or an web page, you'll enjoy Lorrie's ideas to produce seamless copy that welcomes customers and prospects, and invites them to … [Read more...]

In the Charlotte Observer: Size Alone is Not the Measure of Small Business Success

Donna Maria and Indie Business Network in the Charlotte Observer

Today, I'm pleased to share that the Indie Business Network is featured in the "Shop Talk" section of The Charlotte Observer. Along with me, our members Curtis Durham of Bath Nation and Jennifer Devlin of Celtic Complexion and their products are also featured. My favorite thing about this article is that the journalist chose to focus on this: "When it comes to building a business, some … [Read more...]

Top 10 User-Friendly Links to FDA Cosmetics Laws


Earlier this month, the US Food & Drug Administration updated its website to add several useful overviews and Fact Sheets to help you properly launch, lead, and grow your handmade cosmetics business. While these updates do not change the law, they specifically publicly recognize, for the first time as far as I know, the existence of the handmade or "homemade" cosmetics industry. (Yay!)Handmade … [Read more...]