Season 2, Episode 8: “Women, Wealth and Wow” with Diane Humke [Podcast]


I was fighting a severe cold during this interview, and we had some audio difficulties, but I wanted you to meet Diane as soon as possible so you could have the benefit of her experience right away! Welcome to Season 2, Episode 8 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this eighth episode of our Women, Wealth and Wow! series, I introduce you to my guest Diane Humke, President and Chair of Essential … [Read more...]

Season 2, Episode 7: “Women, Wealth and Wow” with Anne-Marie Faiola [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 2, Episode 7 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this seventh episode of our Women, Wealth and Wow! series, I introduce you to my guest Anne-Marie Faiola of Bramble Berry in Bellingham, Washington ... and boy, are you in for a treat. Anne-Marie is one of the most evolved entrepreneurs I know. She has cracked the code on how to turn what she wants into tangible results. Her … [Read more...]

Welcome to Indie Business TV!


I launched Indie Business TV way back in 2007 when online video was in its infancy and I didn't know what I was doing and YouTube was only two years old. Fast forward to today, and I am excited to re-launch Indie Business TV at a brand new channel on YouTube. You can subscribe here. Here's the trailer for Indie Business TV. In addition to using our YouTube channel to share my best tips and … [Read more...]

Coalition of Handcrafted Entrepreneurs Launches


Yesterday, the Coalition of Handcrafted Entrepreneurs (COHE) launched. Designed to support small businesses in the soap and cosmetic industry, COHE makes it easy for small businesses and the public in general stay up to participate in the legislative process. Among other things, the Coalition of Handcrafted Entrepreneurs features a News Page that makes it easy to track the latest legislative and … [Read more...]

A 5-Step Approach to a Solid Business


This morning, I had the pleasure of hosting my friend, Melinda Emerson, at the Urban League of the Central Carolinas for a morning of small business networking and learning. You may know Melinda as "Small Biz Lady," the one who hosts the weekly #SmallBizChat. Here we are cheesing a bit before Melinda took the stage. Melinda delivered a dynamite presentation filled with nuggets of wisdom to help … [Read more...]

The February 2015 Coaching Call is Today!


Our member coaching call is coming up later today, and if you're a member, you need to be there to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their growth both personally and professionally. Over the years, I have found that many entrepreneurs, especially newer ones, are afraid to speak up and ask questions. This is not a good business strategy, so we do everything we can to … [Read more...]

Donna Maria to Keynote the 2015 Tennessee Soap and Candle Social


I am doing more traveling than ever these days, especially now that my children are a bit older and I personally feel more comfortable being away from home more. One event I am especially excited about is the Tennessee Soap and Candle Social coming up February 28 to March 2 at Paris Landing State Park near Nashville, Tennessee. My keynote address topic is: Beyond Soaps and Candles: Using Your … [Read more...]

Season 2, Episode 6: “Women, Wealth and Wow” with Wardee Harmon [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 2, Episode 6 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this sixth episode of our Women, Wealth and Wow! series, I introduce you to my guest Wardee Harmon of Traditional Cooking School in Sutherlin, Oregon. Wardee and I met online four years ago when I contacted her out of the blue to ask for help with an issue that was critical to my business at the time. I had never done anything like … [Read more...]

Join Donna Maria and Melinda Emerson, Your Small Biz Lady!


You may not be in Charlotte, North Carolina, like me, but even if you cannot attend this event, I still want yu to know about it, and to know about my friend, Melinda Emerson -- also known as Small Biz Lady. Click the image below to print out the flyer. Register here. The Indie Business Network has partnered with the Urban League of the Central Carolinas and Marlon Smith Productions to welcome … [Read more...]

How to Make Handmade Lip Balm [Video]


We love it when our members use video to tell their stories. If you have a handmade business, you are so lucky that you never have to do much work to create a fun video that can be shared thousands (or maybe millions!) of times during the life of your business. For example, check this video showing how to make handmade lip balm. Our member, Stacia Guzzo, over at Handcrafted Honey Bee in … [Read more...]