Hill Country Haiku: Cranberry and Figs Handmade Soap


Here is a positively beautiful bar of handmade soap. It's Cranberry & Figs from our member over at Hill Country Haiku in Spicewood, Texas. Not surprisingly, it's cross between the tartness of of cranberries and the sweetness of figs. What may be surprising is what a work of art it is. How gorgeous is this? The fragrances include orange and pink grapefruit for some twang. Owner Leta Paradise says … [Read more...]

Season 2, Episode 4: “Women, Wealth and Wow” with Becky McCray [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 2, Episode 4 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this fourth episode of our Women, Wealth and Wow! series, we focus on all things local, rural, and small town with my guest Becky McCray of Small Biz Survival in Alva, Oklahoma ... population 4,000 (give or take). Becky and her husband own a liquor store in Alva, and Becky is a speaker, blogger on author on the important topic of … [Read more...]

Handmade Beauty Products from Songcroft Naturals in Monroe, Washington


Last month, some of our members were kind enough to send us some of their awesome handmade beauty products as a holiday "thank you" for how we serve them throughout the year. One of the products we received is a wonderful facial cream from our member, Marilene Richardson, at Songcroft Naturals in Monroe, Washington. I'll get to that in a minute, but first, this peppermint gift from Songcroft … [Read more...]

The Internet: a Great Connector of People


Remember at the turn of the century when everyone predicted that the advance of the Internet and social media spelled the end of "real" personal communications? The theory was that, since you could connect online, there would be no need to connect in person anymore. Over the years, we have seen that this is simply not true. While the Internet makes it easier to connect with someone you cannot see … [Read more...]

Sales Strategies for Artists From the American Made Show


Earlier this month, I attended the American made Show and the Arts Business Institute in Washington, DC. Hosted by Wendy Rosen (pictured in the front with me and some IBN members), the American Made Show is the premier wholesale trade show for handmade American made products. The Arts Business Institute is hosted in conjunction with the trade show to provide Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs with … [Read more...]

The January 2015 Coaching Call is Today!


Entrepreneurship can be fun. Well, it is fun. But it's also messy, really messy. But it's less messy when you approach your challenges in an environment where you are constantly supported. When people are there to help you, the challenges are less daunting. When you regularly soak up the energy of like-minded people, and share a bit of yourself to uplift them too, you can go further faster -- and … [Read more...]

Season 2, Episode 3: “Women, Wealth and Wow” with Kathleen Gage [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 2, Episode 3 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this third episode of our Women, Wealth and Wow! series, I am going outside my comfort zone to introduce you to someone I barely know, but who has had a big positive impact on how I view entrepreneurship. One day, I got an email announcing that today's guest, Kathleen Gage of Power Up For Profits, was hosting a one-time webinar on … [Read more...]

Season 2, Episode 2: “Women, Wealth and Wow” with Lela Barker [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 2, Episode 2 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this second episode of our Women, Wealth and Wow! series, I'm sharing an invigorating conversation with a woman I have known for the past decade, and who has become an intricate part of our my life. While our relationship was once all business, over the years, it has slowly and organically -- like fine wine -- matured into a rich … [Read more...]

Maintaining a Sensible Personal Facebook Strategy


In 2009, I published a blog post about my then new social networking strategy. My focus was on Facebook, though other social media outlets were mentioned. Recently, a discussion in our Indie Business Network member Secret Facebook Group reminded me of that 2009 post, and how important it is to be intentional about how we use social media as business leaders. Last week, when I saw some of our … [Read more...]

Our Members Masterminding in New York


Can you think of a better way to invest a Sunday afternoon than Masterminding with your fellow Indie entrepreneurs? Of course you can't, and if you need some inspiration, check out our members in the New York region. They gathered today at Jennifer Wojcieski's store, in2ition Mercantile, which we told you opened its doors last month in Oakdale, New York. Aren't they gorgeous!? They are confident, … [Read more...]