Episode 3: Carrie and Darren Seibert: Soap Commander [Podcast]

carrie and darren seibert of soap commander

Welcome to Season 1 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this third episode, I introduce you to Darren and Carrie Seibert of Soap Commander in Cherokee, Alabama, and we discuss how they manage their business while raising and home schooling seven (yes, 7) children. Being married to an unexpected entrepreneur is not always easy. You get married and think our life will be one way. Then your spouse … [Read more...]

Introducing the September 2014 My Maker Box Supporters!


In case you missed the video, the September My Maker Box was filled with goodies to celebrate the start of the Fall season. From organic herbal tea and an autographed copy of an awesome business book, to a handmade tea wallet (the first I'd ever seen anywhere), so many handmade goodies for our Maker friends were shipped to their front door, and they loved them. You can subscribe to My Maker Box … [Read more...]

The WHY: 10 Reasons Why Every Maker Should Be Blogging

Blog on Old Typewriter's Keys.

Don't throw anything at me. I know you may want to, but please resist the urge, and listen up. I have been blogging since 2000. Back then, it was called "journaling." I "journaled" quarterly for a few years, until my website designer (who I was paying to update my journals) told me that I might be interested in blogging. After I got over the fact that I hated the word "blog," I commissioned her to … [Read more...]

#IndieCruise Mastermind 2015 Speaker: Jennifer Waller: Build Your Personal Brand

indie cruise speaker jennifer waller

I am pleased to introduce you to Jennifer Waller of Celtic Complexion, one of the illustrious speakers you will meet and get to know personally on #IndieCruise Mastermind 2015. Jennifer launched Celtic Complexion in 2010, and joined IBN in 2013. I am honored to have a front row seat to witness her tenacity -- the kind of tenacity that every entrepreneur should embrace. Being around Jennifer helps … [Read more...]

Roasted Vegetables (with melted creamed honey)

roasted veggies and honey

One of the things that says "Fall" to me is a plate filled with roasted vegetables. This dish is colorful, hearty and healthy (even with the creamed honey), and easy to prepare. This is actually one of the few ways my son will actually eat vegetables, so I make this dish quite often during the fall and winter seasons. It's the perfect after-football-practice dish because it warms his belly and … [Read more...]

Social Media Roundup: Sept. 20 ~ Sept. 26 (American Made Goodness!)

oprah winfrey and dawn fitch

We scoured the Web this week to bring you some American Made Goodness from our members nationwide. Bursts of color, a bit of bling, some honey sweetness, a billionaire celebrity and more -- all in the mix. It gives me such great pleasure to tell you about the love and beauty IBN members are adding to the world. Let's have a look. Pooka Pure and Simple in New Jersey: Oprah is in the … [Read more...]

Our Subscription Box: September 2014 [Video]

september my maker box video

I made this little video to show you all the goodies contained in our subscription box for the month of September. (If you missed the August My Maker Box video, you can see it here.) Oh, the handmade goodness! Take a look. The September My Maker Box was filled with all kinds of autumnal yummies as you can see. I hope you enjoyed the video! Be sure to stop by the websites of everyone included … [Read more...]

August 2014 My Maker Box: Unboxing Video

August 2014 video unboxing

In August, we shipped the premier My Maker Box, the subscription box for makers by makers. Each box contains at least $150 in handmade products and Business Success Resources you can use to grow your creative business. Watch this video to see what was in our first My Maker Box! What is better for a Handmade Entrepreneur than receiving a box of carefully curated handmade surprises celebrating the … [Read more...]

Episode 2: Alana Rivera: Etta and Billie: Indie Business Podcast

alana rivera etta and billie podcast head shot

Once you know you make a good handmade product, how do you know what to do next? According to Alana Rivera, you hone your skills before "jumping over the edge." Alana started her handmade bath + body company, Etta and Billie in San Francisco, while she still had a traditional job. Today, not only has she quit the job, but she's opened a new studio, hired employees, and landed her products in … [Read more...]

The Big Picture of Small Business [ Video]

burbank homegworn with Jen Serena

I found this video while hanging out on Vimeo the other day. I noticed it because one of our members is featured. It's a very inspiring looking at what Jen Serena, a Burbank, California-based photographer, is doing to encourage and highlight local independent business owners in her area. Can you spot the IBN member? If you paused at about 0:41, you are correct! That was Jennifer Hardaway of … [Read more...]