How to Use Video in Your Handmade Business

stacia guzzo of handcrafted honeybee

One of the most critical teachings in my Indie Business Blueprint is that Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs must leverage the power of the video to build their brands and boost customer engagement and sales. Most of my students know how important this is, but they are fearful that it will take too much time or that they will do it wrong. I get it. I was once terrified of doing video, but today, … [Read more...]

Introducing the August My Maker Box Supporters

thank you with blue flowers in vase

In case you missed, it our August My Maker Box was a huge success. You can see some of the unboxing videos here, and click here check out all of the Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs whose products and services are featured in the August My Maker Box. Today, I'm excited to tell you about the amazing people who subscribed to our first My Maker Box! They hail from all across the country, from … [Read more...]

Small Business Networking Can Happen Anywhere

Dorothy Green and Donna Maria

Networking. The word sends chills up and down the spines of many a Maker and Handmade Entrepreneur. But the truth is that networking happens all the time, even when you are not aware of it. A networking event can be planned in advance, or it can be impromptu. Both are great, but the impromptu ones are wonderful surprises. For example, while my mom and I were shopping in Whole Foods Market this … [Read more...]

Indie Business Network Members at Face and Body!

bon bliss and wonderland organics at face and body 2014

While the show is coming to a close today, I just had to share this beautiful picture of two of our members at the Face and Body (Northern California)! Here is Elissa Choi of Bon Bliss (this is her booth), and Alice Lin of Wonderland Organics, both from California. for those who don't know, Face and Body (Northern California) is an annual conference and expo held exclusively for skin care and spa … [Read more...]

Meet Me at Farm to Market in Asheville on September 20!

farm to market asheville

I am thrilled to share that I will be speaking at "Farm to Market: 21st Century Practices For The Modern Herbal Entrepreneur" in Asheville, North Carolina, on September 20, 2014. As you may know, I serve on the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Natural Products Association. I am also a member of the American Herbalists Guild. The two organizations, which are aimed at serving the needs of … [Read more...]

Video: Give Gratitude (or #givegratitude if you like hash tags)


I have been invited to join a panel of judges that will help select a new owner for the Gratitude Soapery in Kansas City. I am so honored to be invited, and to be in some pretty high-falutin' company too. The other judges are the very wonderful David Fisher of, and also two of our members: Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting and Anne-Marie Faiola of Bramble Berry. Kendra Cote, whom you … [Read more...]

Look for The Bath Place Products in Whole Foods Market!

kimberly thigpen of the bath place

I am always delighted and pleased when I see IBN members step into their greatness and press toward their goals. As you might imagine, that means I am delighted and pleased a lot! Today, I am delighted and pleased about the achievements of Kimberly Thigpen of The Bath Place in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Here she is with her gorgeous self. Now, before I tell you more about Kimberly's … [Read more...]

August 2014 My Maker Box Reveal: Handmade Products and Business Success Resources

list thorstenson my maker box collage

As I shared a few days ago, the first My Maker Box shipped last week, and the unboxing videos are pouring in. If you missed that post, you can get it and watch some of the videos at this link. Today, I am excited to share a close-up look at all of the handmade products and success resources featured in the August My Maker Box, along with the stories behind Makers and creative consultants featured. … [Read more...]

Fun Video: Bath Bomb Cupcakes from FizzButter

fizz butter bath bomb cupcake

Do you know what a bath bomb is? It's mainly a combination of ingredients you use in everyday cooking, including baking soda and citric acid. Fragrance and color are usually added. When you drop a bath bomb into your tub, it fizzes up and dissolves in the water providing a wonderful scent and the benefits of the ingredients in the bath bomb. You can see how bath bombs work in this video from our … [Read more...]

The First My Maker Box Has Shipped!

my maker box front cover august 2014

As entrepreneurs, we have many ideas, yet only a small fraction of them ever rise to the top and actually ship. I've had tons of ideas and many of them are on the cutting room floor ... but not this one. This one shipped, and it will ship again. I am thrilled to announce that the PREMIER edition of My Maker Box shipped on Tuesday, and is hitting the doorsteps of Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs … [Read more...]