Change Your Avatar. Please.

I hope I have seen the last Indie using a FaceBook Page or Twitter avatar that reflects poorly on their business. Stop what you are doing right now and look at your avatar. Does it represent your business well? Or is it a blurry product photo? Or a blurry picture of you? Or a picture of your fish, cat dog, back yard garden, this morning’s sunrise, your painted toe nails, the back of your head, your newborn baby (no offense), or some dreadful clip art that came with your software program? If it’s any of the things on this list, or similar, then stop what you are doing and change your avatar to something that represents your business well.

cow cartoon

Don’t have a picture of you? (Cannot believe how many business owners say that …) OK, change that. It’s Sunday at 3:04pm as I write this post. Wherever you are, if you’re in the US, there is plenty of natural light outside for you to take a good photo of yourself. Comb your hair, put on some makeup (if you wear it), grab your camera, take it to a well lit place with an uncluttered background and have someone take a picture of you. Load it to your desktop and use it to replace the clip art or whatever. Then pull out your calendar and schedule a day next month to take a better picture of you, perhaps using a local photographer.

Do this. Please.

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