Indie Business Network Members Participate in Martha Stewart American Made

We are excited to see our members participate in Martha Stewart American Made, honoring makers for their creativity, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurial spirit. If you’re a creative entrepreneur in the areas of food, craft, design, style, gardening, or technology, nominate yourself for a chance at $10,000 to further your business, plus a trip for two to New York City.

martha-stewart-american-made Here are a few of our participating members, with links to their voting pages:

Molly Levine

of Molly Rose Balms in Mithellville, Maryland

Lisa Doloff

of Wunder Budder in Salem, Massachusetts

Whitney Acheson and Jess Piestrup

of Moody Sisters Skincare in Cashmere, Washington

Denise Jackson-Gunter

of Neecy’s Necessities in Durham, North Carolina

Charlene Simon

of Bathhouse Soapery in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Erica Marie Wigley

of Plush Skin in Olney, Maryland

Laralyn Riverwind

of Native Touch in Andrews, North Carolina

Diana O’Donnell

of Moana Beauty in Naples, Florida

Danielle Vincent

of Outlaw Soaps in Oakland, California

Rhonda Bellamy Hodge

of Rbellah Soaps in Murphy, Texas

Tracy Land

of Frangipani Body Products in Indianapolis, Indiana

Sally Ann Waters

of Birdy Botanicals in San Francisco, California

Sarah Torrence

of Scentsational Soaps in Lake Wells, Florida

Alana Rivera

of Etta + Billie in San Francisco, California

Louise Psarras-Bly

of Les Savons De LouLou in Carthage, NY

Cynthia Johnston

of Moonmaid Botanicals in Cosby, TN

Read the contest rules here, and enter here.

Voting starts August 26, so get cracking!

QUESTION: Are you planning to enter this exciting competition?

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