Running Journal: Day 49

Geez, what a difference a few days makes! After my last run, which was short but fantastic, and the run before that, which was long and fantastic, I decided to skip a day. Just one day. That’s fine. I’ve done that before. But when I ate a heavy meal after skipping that day, one day became two days, and then two days became three days. And I topped one of them off with — yes — another heavy meal. So here I am on the fourth day, experiencing mild shin splints during a short run. Picture me kicking myself.

Before my run this morning, I purchased a banana from the mini-mart. (Bananas always give me good run energy.) Standing in line, it struck me how much of a food jungle we live in. The only health things I saw, other than bananas, were water and lemons. (Why lemons?) This is nothing new of course, but coming on the heels of the eye-opening revelation that I cannot let up, it really had an impact. Here are today’s stats:

  1. Weather. 59°F, drizzling with a nice breeze
  2. Location. Siskey YMCA newly resurfaced outdoor track. (It was nice!)
  3. Distance. 1.05 miles
  4. Calories. 91
  5. Start Time. 8:54am
  6. Run Time. 16:55 minutes
  7. Average Pace. 16:04 minutes/mile (better than my last run. I suppose that’s some consolation for not being able to run as far as I wanted to.
  8. Playlist. The sound of excited young soccer players and their parents playing games on the field. They were loud and energizing. Watching dozens of young bodies run effortlessly was good inspiration for me!
  9. Condition. Well, let’s just say I was thankful the be out there. After three days off, my condition was not stellar. I experienced mild shin splints in my left leg. I have not had shin splints in over a month. I also experienced an overall feeling of heaviness in both legs. My breathing was good, so that felt nice. While my time was relatively decent, my endurance was not.

    These are the consequences of taking more than one day off, and then topping that craziness off with heavy foods. Please help me never to do that again!

Question: How do you bounce back after taking too much time off and/or eating unhealthfully in a big way?

About Donna Maria Coles Johnson

Donna Maria is an author, podcaster, attorney, and the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, providing affordable product liability insurance and mentoring. Donna Maria teaches Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs how to use technology and community to build a profitable, sustainable business.


  1. Donna Maria – great job for getting back on the horse! Every day is another opportunity to make great choices. (This is one of my favorite mantras so I don't get down on myself for slipping sometimes)

    Here's my two cents about your running… I rarely run more than 4 or 5 days in a row max. There is a fine line between being consistent, going every day and over-doing it. What's great about journaling is that you start to see patterns and discover when your body is at its best. Shin splints can often occur in new runners or runners who have taken an extended break. You might think about going out every other day and doing something else on the off days or just stick to walking and stretching on your off days. It also often happens that shin splints go away once you get stronger and increase mileage. If you are wanting to go longer, it might also be better to go every other day and give your body the much needed rest and time to recover. You don't get better when running, you actually get better at it when you rest because your body is repairing and making stronger what you have broken down and used by running. A good rule of thumb is an increase in mileage of only 10% per week and take it easy every third week.

    All of that has to be balanced with taking too much time off. As you noticed, some pain came back from too long of a time away. All of this is great info for you to take note of in your running log. You are learning so much and getting so much more in tune with your body! Don't get discouraged, running is a long journey and each segment plays an important part. After years of running, I still feel like there is more to learn and my body is teaching me new things all the time.

    Here's a bit about shin splints from Runner's World.,7124,s6-2

    Rock on!

  2. Carol says:

    I was told that all runners should take at least one day a week off to rest your muscles. I try to run one long run then the next day a shorter run, then the next day a long run etc. This has helped me stay with it. On days that I feel I am not up to a long run I will trade it for a short run and then do two long rundays in a row. (Not my favorite thing to do though.)
    Doing a shorter run some days helps me too if I have a really busy schedule but at least I am still getting in a run.

    Keep up the good work, Donna Marie!

  3. Carol: Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences. I am a new runner so it means a lot. My longest run so far is a bit over 3 miles. For me, that's a lot. For me, a short run is a mile and a long run is 3 miles so I will mix it up accordingly so I can stay strong and find the best combination for me. Thank you again for the tips and the encouragement!

  4. You are so right! I am having a great time seeing my progress and noticing the patterns emerge. In addition to learning myself better from a mental perspective, I'm slowly determining my body's best fitness rhythms. I am also discovering afresh the impact my food choices have on every aspect of my life. It's astounding what you don't notice when you are simply not paying attention. I had no shin splits today at all, but I'm careful not to try to go back to where I was too fast. I'll work my way back up slowly. What a great incentive not to make the same poor choices I did last week again. Thanks to you and others who are so generous to help, my discouragement is short-lived!

  5. You must have read my workout journal! I appreciate your honesty and the good reminder of what happens when we start missing our workouts. Count me in as a follower and supporter!

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