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#IndieTakeover No. 6: Desiree Doucet at The Creative Cajun


Welcome to #IndieTakeover Day 6! One of the best things about my life (or is it my work ... can't tell the difference ...) is that I have the opportunity to serve and become acquainted with people from across this incredible country. I learn from them, I mentor them, I teach them, I admire them. That's what the Indie Business Network is all about. One f the ways we collectively continue this … [Read More]

#IndieTakeover No. 5: Roberta Perry at Scrubz Body Natural Skin Care


Welcome to #IndieTakeover Day 5, the final takeover day in our week-long series. Today's #IndieTakeover guest is Roberta Perry of ScrubzBody™ Natural Skin Care in Bethpage, NY. In case you haven't heard, #IndieTakeover is a fun new way to share your message with a new audience, and this is our final #IndieTakeover of the week. If you missed … [Read More]

#IndieTakeover No 4: Stacia Guzzo of Handcrafted Honey Bee


Welcome to #IndieTakeover Day 4. I am excited to introduce you to today's #IndieTakeover guest: Stacia Guzzo of Handcrafted Honey Bee in Tehachapi, CA. In case you haven't heard, #IndieTakeover is a fun new way to share your message with a new audience. If you missed our previous #IndieTakeovers this week, you can check them out here, here … [Read More]

#IndieTakeover No. 3: Torrian Denise at Dorneé Natural Body Luxuries


Welcome to #IndieTakeover Day 3. I am excited to introduce you to today's #IndieTakeover guest: Torrian Denise of Dorneé Natural Body Luxuries in Twinsburg, Ohio. In case you haven't heard, #IndieTakeover is a fun new way to share your message with a new audience. If you missed our previous #IndieTakeovers this week, you can check them out … [Read More]

#IndieTakeover No. 2: La Shonda Tyree at Nyah Beauty and Soap Coach


Welcome to Day 2 of #IndieTakeover. Today, we'll follow La Shonda Tyree of Nyah Beauty and Handmade Soap Coach in Paterson, New Jersey. In case you haven't heard, #IndieTakeover is an exciting way to help you expose your brand to more people. If you missed our first #IndieTakeover yesterday, with Jennifer Waller of Celtic Complexion, you can … [Read More]

#IndieTakeover No. 1: Jennifer Waller at Celtic Complexion


Iam excited to introduce you to today's #IndieTakeover guest: Jennifer Waller of Celtic Complexion in Raleigh, North Carolina. In case you haven't heard, #IndieTakeover is a fun new way to build community and engagement around your brand. On your #IndieTakever day, you literally take over IBN's Instagram account and share a day in the life … [Read More]

Episode 41: Kara Brook: Waxing Kara and The Honey House, Owings Mills, Maryland [Podcast]


Welcome to Episode 41 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this podcast episode, I introduce you to Kara Brook of Waxing Kara and The Honey House in Owings Mills, Maryland. Kara says that entrepreneurship is in her DNA. As you'll hear in the first part of the interview, her business experience includes leading Internet-based startups, but the truth is … [Read More]

Introducing IBN’s New Tracking Progress Worksheets!

maker tracking progress worksheets

Studies show that when you track your progress toward specific goals, you greatly increase your chances of actually achieving your goals. That's why I'm excited to announce IBN's newest member benefit -- our Tracking Progress Worksheets! Using our new customized worksheets, our members can easily and quickly track their progress toward the goals … [Read More]

5 Reasons Why Instagram’s Algorithm is Irrelevant


Recently, Instagram announced that it will change the order in which posts are displayed to users. Currently, posts are displayed in chronological order, so that your followers see what you post in the order you post it. While it's not completely clear how posts will be displayed after the change is implemented, it is clear that Instagram will … [Read More]

#IndieCruise Mastermind 2017 Speaker: Melody Bockelman: How to Add Private Label and Contract Manufacturing to Your Existing Business Model


It's the best day ever (again) because I am here to introduce you to our first speaker for #IndieCruise Mastermind 2017. Her name is Melody Bockelman and she is the founder and CEO of Private Label Insider in Harlingen, Texas. If you haven't yet registered for our 7th annual retreat for creative entrepreneurs, you can do so here. Melody has … [Read More]

Announcing our Collaboration with SoudeHaiti to Empower the People of Haiti


Earlier today, I announced our theme and exotic retreat destination for #IndieCruise Mastermind 2017 in Punta Cana. If you missed that, you can read all about it here. (If you already know you want to register, do it now because we will fill up fast!) Now, I am pleased to share our new collaboration with SoudeHaiti, an organization dedicated to … [Read More]

Announcing #IndieCruise MasterMind 2017: Refresh – Refine – Results

Cruise 2017 Logo

I am excited to announce the theme and exotic retreat destination for #IndieCruise Mastermind 2017. I'm even more thrilled to share our new collaboration with a non-profit organization to benefit native Caribbean people in Haiti. More about that later. First, for those who don't know, #IndieCruise is a small, intimate, limited seat retreat for … [Read More]

Successful Wholesale (and More) in a Small Town [Video]


This. Just this. This video packs a powerful punch in a small package: succinct wholesale tips, a teenpreneur daughter, family business inspiration, customer support in a small town (Rocky Mount, North Carolina), and more. Kimberly Thigpen is a wife and mother of six, and not only that, she's a stellar example of successful entrepreneurship in the … [Read More]

6 Keys to Going Big in Business Without Growing Big in Business

Copy of 2016-02-16-going big

When it comes to entrepreneurship, the saying "Go big or go home," can be interpreted to mean that if your business if not big in size, then it somehow doesn't count. I disagree with that philosophy. Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better, and it sure doesn't mean stronger or more profitable. In fact, a business that is too big to for the leader to … [Read More]

How to Make Your Website More Accessible to Hearing and Vision Impaired Persons


This is a guest post by IBN member Donna DeRosa, an author and personal development and lifestyle management coach. Follow Donna on Twitter and Instagram. If you would like to submit a guest post for this blog, please read the guidelines here. According to 2010 census statistics*, 8.1 million people have difficulty seeing, and 7.6 million people … [Read More]