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Introducing Member Makeovers!


I am THRILLED to share the launch of the Indie Business Network's newest member benefit: Member Makeovers. Based on conversations with you, our members, I saw the need for a service offering live, tactical, hands on training to help you attract more people to your website to discover and buy your products. Member Makeovers is that service, and it starts this month! Member Makeovers takes … [Read More]

#IndieCruise Mastermind 2016 Speaker: Donna Maria: How to Build Community Around Your Brand


Only 109 days until #IndieCruise 2016 Mastermind at the beautiful Club Med Luxury Resort & Spa, Cancún, Yucatán, Mexico on January 17 – 21, 2016. I have already introduced you to two of our speakers: Anne-Marie Faiola and Stacia Guzzo. Today, I am pleased to share that, based on the questions I receive from Makers from all walks of life, I have … [Read More]

Season 4: Episode 2: Martha Stewart American Made with Gilyn McKelligon [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 4, Episode 2 of the Indie Business Podcast! This season is all about celebrating finalists in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards. Last week, we brought you Riche Holmes Grant, our choice from the Style category. Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to Gilyn McKelligon of Hannah Bergen in Portland, Oregon, our choice from the … [Read More]

September Success Call: How to Get Media Attention for Your Beauty Business


Are you curious about what it takes to get media attention for your business? Are you afraid to pitch? Maybe you know you’re not ready and don’t know what to do to position yourself to be ready? Wondering what to do to get your brand ready for prime time media attention? If you find yourself asking these questions, then today's Success Call is for … [Read More]

Introducing Blog Swap (#BlogSwap) For Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs


Earlier this year, I opened my Blog Your Brand Training Project to all Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs. Since then, nearly 200 (189 as of today, to be exact) Makers with blogs businesses are leveraging our blogs to build community and attract increasing numbers of targeted visitors to our websites. Our first #BlogSwap is Monday, October 12, so … [Read More]

Indie Business Network Members Are 2015 Martha Stewart American Made Finalists!


I am thrilled to announce our members who are finalists in the 2015 Martha Stewart American Made Awards! You can vote for your favorites every day, through October 19. The Audience Choice Award Winner will be announced on or about October 23, 2015, and will win a trip for the winner and a guest to New York City on November 6-8, 2015 for the … [Read More]

Season 4: Episode 1: Martha Stewart American Made with Riche Holmes Grant [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 4, Episode 1 of the Indie Business Podcast! This season is all about celebrating finalists in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards. We start with the Style category, and our featured Maker of choice is Riche Holmes Grant of BambiniWare in Silver Spring, Maryland, and I am thrilled to introduce you to her. BambiniWare makes … [Read More]

Stop Thinking Big, and Just Think, Period.


It is true that entrepreneurship requires big thinking. But today, its easier than ever to put the cart before the horse and begin thinking big before actually thinking, period. About six months into my career as an attorney, the managing partner called me into his office to question my billable hours. I was barely meeting the minimum, and … [Read More]

Proper Buyer Etiquette at Local Farmer’s Markets and Shows

proper etiquette

It's finally fall, and that means more farmer's markets and shows for Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs. It may come as a surprise to you, but there are simple things you can do as a buyer to enjoy a better shopping experience. Since I used to sell my own handmade products at a local market, and because I advise and mentor Makers for a … [Read More]

Our September 2015 Access Q+A Coaching Call

Chris and Kayla

Today is another great day because we are hosting what is fast becoming one of our most popular member events -- our Access Q+A Coaching Calls! Not only do we get to take a break from being in the weeds to connect and grow together, but our members get answers to the most pressing business and success questions that are affecting them right … [Read More]

Why Everyone Can Be an Entrepreneur


Iam so so tired of hearing people say "Not everyone can be an entrepreneur." Why the heck not? Because you have to work hard? Because you weren't raised in an entrepreneurial family? Because you must have tenacity and determination? Because you must have a certain mindset? Who is born with any of those things? Not me. Not you. Not … [Read More]

How to Create a Sustainable Vision for Your Small Business

sustainable vision

I'm very fortunate. I had a vision for my business from the moment it started. Over the years, I have taken it for granted that everyone else did too. I have learned that this is not true. If you don't have a sustainable vision for your business, you will after you take the steps outlined in this post. Proverbs 29:18, an oft-quoted Bible … [Read More]

I’m Temporarily Terminating My Blog’s RSS Feed — Here’s Why

RSS Feed

You all know how critical I believe blogging is to the overall success of your business. One of the reasons blogging works so well is because you can use Rich Site Summary (RSS) to automatically deliver new blog content to subscribers via email or via a reader (like Feedly, the one I use). Well, today, I'm doing something I never thought I would … [Read More]

This is Not Your Mother’s Labor Force

Happy Labor Day! (1)

As we pause to honor the workers and Makers who offer such valuable contributions to our nation, I am pondering the incredible merger of work and life we are witnessing today. This is not the first time America has seen the work-life merger. Life and work were a cohesive whole just two generations ago when almost every family produced … [Read More]

Indie Business Podcast: Season 03: Makers on Main Street: Archive


What an amazing Season 03 we had on the Indie Business Podcast! It was such a thrill to share with you the stories of so many Makers on Main Street, Creative Entrepreneurs who are dotting the landscape with beautiful retail stores on Main Streets across the nation. I am gearing up for Season 04, the first episode of which will be released on … [Read More]