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Announcing the Artisan Made Show!

On Monday morning, December 12, I will host the Artisan Made Show, the world's first live virtual home shopping show featuring local and artisan Indie brands on Facebook. Grab a cup of coffee or tea after you start your day, and then shop from wherever you are. All you need is a phone or your desktop, as you'll be able to stream the entire show live from wherever you are in your busy … [Read More]

Mastermind Your Way to Success

I want to take a moment to make sure you know about a podcast appearance I made recently. Our Indie Business Network member and Head Coach, Christine Laureano, interviewed me on her Creative Entrepreneurs Online Podcast. She asked me to share from my experience about one of my favorite topics: the entrepreneurial mastermind. As you may know, … [Read More]

Announcing the Artisan Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards

I am excited to announce the Artisan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards! If you are ready to nominate yourself or another Artisan Entrepreneur, click here to do so now! The Artisan Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards allows artisans and their customers and clients to nominate and vote in six categories that uniquely reflect the creativity and … [Read More]

Alana Rivera Spotlights San Francisco Etsy Team Indie Holiday Emporium

Our member, Alana Rivera of Etta + Billie, was interviewed this past weekend by the host of KTVU in Oakland, California, about the San Francisco Etsy Team Indie Holiday Emporium which took place over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Watch the video here. As Alana shares in the interview, the event featured over 200 brands of handmade and … [Read More]

Maker Mastermind Recap: November 2016: San Francisco

To register or request Maker Mastermind in your city, click here. Masker Mastermind San Francisco was fantastic! Twenty engaged and determined creative entrepreneurs joined together for two days of Masterminding, goal setting and fun. After I delivered a presentation designed to help everyone plan their businesses for long term success, … [Read More]