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A Success Bundle Giveaway For You!


What?! Another giveaway? Well, it is the holidays. And we do love to surprise you. And it is better to give than to receive, yes? So, if you liked our last few giveaways of the season, you will love this one. We have partnered up with some of our other Maker pals to create a bundle of goodness for you to feast on as you prepare your business for success in the New Year! Just click the image to … [Read More]

Introducing Indie Business Network Head Coach Christine Laureano


Today, we are excited to introduce new Indie Business Network Head Coach, Christine Laureano, who will lead our exclusive IBN member monthly Access Q+A Coaching Calls. More about our coaching program later, but first, here's a bit about Christine. Her association with IBN began in 2004 with the launch of her first business, which she eventually … [Read More]

in2uition Mercantile Opens in Oakdale, New York


Retail store ownership is not for everyone. It certainly wasn't for me. But as more Americans seek ways to keep local dollars circulating in their own communities, many of our members are finding success in bricks and mortar. Our Jennifer Wojcieski opened the in2uition Mercantile in Oakdale, New York, just in time for the holiday season.As you can … [Read More]

Love Your Skin Giveaway: Featuring Rachael Pontillo

love your skin book

Happy Giveaway Friday! Last month's giveaway with our friends over at Gloss48 was such a success that we decided to host another one, this time featuring a skincare book from one of our members and a consultation from our founder, Donna Maria! Here is a super opportunity for you to win an autographed copy of Rachael Pontillo's book: Love Your Skin, … [Read More]

Episode 13: Bonus: Kayla Fioravanti: How to Publish Your Book on Amazon

kayla fioravanti on the Indie Business Podcast

Welcome to the BONUS of Season 1 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this thirteenth episode, a bonus for Season 1, you will meet Kayla Fioravanti. Kayla is a wife, mom, author, kitchen chemist, farmer, entrepreneur, aromatherapist and poet, and she's going to share how to publish your book on Amazon. One of Kayla's dreams has always been to have … [Read More]

Indie Business Network 2014 Secret Santa Gift Exchange!

Indie Business Network 2013 Secret Santa Gift Exchange! -

Last year, we hosted the first annual Indie Business Network Secret Santa Gift Exchange, with 19 gifts exchanged. This year, we blew Santa off the chimney with 72 participating members gifting each other awesome American Made gifts, representing 20 states. And, wow. Just WOW! If you have some shopping to do, here is the place to do it. As you … [Read More]

Introducing the Arts Business Institute (And IBN Member Scholarship Winners!) (Video)

arts business institute indie business network member scholarship winners

This post introduces you to the Arts Business Institute, but first, a quick background. Each month, the Indie Business Network hosts a Success Call for its members. Success Calls are about an hour long and feature a guest who is an expert in a particular area that Maker/Handmade Entrepreneurs need to embrace and implement in order to lead a … [Read More]

Starting Today: Use PayPal (or the Credit Card of Your Choice) to Secure Your Indie Business Network Membership!

pay for your indie business network membership with paypal

Up until several months ago, we accepted PayPal for Indie Business Network memberships. Earlier this year, we had to stop accepting it because it was not completely compatible with one of the back end portions of our membership processing system. It was not a complete disaster, but it was "glitchy" enough for us to have to remove it as an option. … [Read More]

I Heart Indies Giveaway Winner Selected!

etta and billie products for gloss48 giveaway |

Last month, we hosted the I Heart Indies Giveaway with Gloss48. A lucky winner named Terri in Lake City, Florida, was randomly chosen from over 10,000 entrants to win a $50 gift certificate to Gloss48, and her choice of $50 worth of American Made handmade products from our member, Alana Rivera at Etta + Billie. The collaboration was so much fun and … [Read More]

Indie Business Podcast: Season 1 Archive

season 1 of the Indie Business Podcast

Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday, we were gearing up to release the first episode of Season 1 of the Indie Business Podcast. Fast forward 12 weeks, we find ourselves celebrating the successful release of twelve 30 to 40 minute interviews of some of the most amazing Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs on the planet. Here are the states … [Read More]

Episode 12: Annie Pham: Cirque Colors [Podcast]

Annie Pham of Cirque Colors

Welcome to the final episode of Season 1 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this twelfth episode, you will meet Annie Pham of Cirque Colors in Brooklyn, New York. Like many other Indies, Annie was employed at a well paying but unsatisfying job. Having been raised by parents who were entrepreneurs, Annie knew that there could be more to life, and … [Read More]

9 American Goat Milk Soapmakers

9 American Goat Milk Soapmakers |

According to the American Dairy Goat Association, on a worldwide basis, more people drink the milk of goats than any other single animal. In additional to its nutritional value (and you haven't lived until you've tried goat milk cheese), goat milk also makes a superb ingredient in handmade soap. Several of our members make soap with goat milk. … [Read More]

#IndieCruise Mastermind 2015 Presenter: Kim Jones: Yoga and Belly Dancing

Indie Cruise Presenter Kim Jones

What would the #IndieCruise Mastermind event be without activities to help everyone center their minds and pursue their highest intentions for success in the New Year? What would our #IndieCruise be like without activities like belly dancing and yoga? Luckily, we will never know because we are fortunate enough to have Kim Jones of Urban Tranquility … [Read More]

Indie Foodie Recipe: Sesame Maple Roasted Pecans

sesame roasted maple pecans

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! My family and I traveled from our home in Charlotte to my hometown of Washington, DC, to enjoy an entire fun-filled week with family and friends. It was such a treat. This year, about 50 relatives and friends gathered at my cousin's house to eat, take selfies, hug, catch up, and watch the kids run around and … [Read More]

Happy Thanksgiving!

happy Thanksgiving 2014

We are excited to wish all of our members and friends a very Happy Thanskgiving! As we move ever closer to the busy holiday season, let's pause to remember what's really important about this time of year, including all of the friends, family members and colleagues who support us all year long. May everyone who sees this post be warm, cozy and … [Read More]