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Video: Give Gratitude (or #givegratitude if you like hash tags)


I have been invited to join a panel of judges that will help select a new owner for the Gratitude Soapery in Kansas City. I am so honored to be invited, and to be in some pretty high-falutin' company too. The other judges are the very wonderful David Fisher of, and also two of our members: Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting and Anne-Marie Faiola of Bramble Berry. Kendra Cote, whom you … [Read More]

Look for The Bath Place Products in Whole Foods Market!

kimberly thigpen of the bath place

I am always delighted and pleased when I see IBN members step into their greatness and press toward their goals. As you might imagine, that means I am delighted and pleased a lot! Today, I am delighted and pleased about the achievements of Kimberly Thigpen of The Bath Place in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Here she is with her gorgeous self. Now, … [Read More]

August 2014 My Maker Box Reveal: Handmade Products and Business Success Resources

list thorstenson my maker box collage

As I shared a few days ago, the first My Maker Box shipped last week, and the unboxing videos are pouring in. If you missed that post, you can get it and watch some of the videos at this link. Today, I am excited to share a close-up look at all of the handmade products and success resources featured in the August My Maker Box, along with the … [Read More]

Fun Video: Bath Bomb Cupcakes from FizzButter

fizz butter bath bomb cupcake

Do you know what a bath bomb is? It's mainly a combination of ingredients you use in everyday cooking, including baking soda and citric acid. Fragrance and color are usually added. When you drop a bath bomb into your tub, it fizzes up and dissolves in the water providing a wonderful scent and the benefits of the ingredients in the bath bomb. You … [Read More]

The First My Maker Box Has Shipped!

my maker box front cover august 2014

As entrepreneurs, we have many ideas, yet only a small fraction of them ever rise to the top and actually ship. I've had tons of ideas and many of them are on the cutting room floor ... but not this one. This one shipped, and it will ship again. I am thrilled to announce that the PREMIER edition of My Maker Box shipped on Tuesday, and is hitting … [Read More]

I am Featured in Today’s Innovative Woman!

cathy allesandra - todays innovative woman

Recently, the very fabulous Cathy Allesandra, publisher of Today's Innovative Woman Magazine and producer of the radio show of the same name, interviewed me on the topic of "How To Embrace Your Role as a Business Leader." In my experience coaching and mentoring Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs for 14 years, I have noticed that most will invest … [Read More]

Join Me! Indie Business Blueprint Early Bird Ends July 31!

indie business blueprint

I want you to approach the 2014 holiday season armed with a blueprint for success that allows you to attract more buying customers so you can generate more sales. It's nearly August, and this is the perfect time to shore up your online business systems so you are ready to maximize the holidays. My Indie Business Blueprint will help you do that, and … [Read More]

Grit Trumps Everything in Business

angela lee duckworth on TED

I was not a high performing young student. It's embarrassing to admit, especially since today, I insist that my children pursue high levels of achievement in elementary school. (Translated loosely, this means "as many A's as you can get.") When I was their age, I did well, but after sixth grade, I started getting B's and C's -- and even a few … [Read More]

IBN Members at Renegade Craft Fair – San Francsico

renegade members

If you love all things handmade and you live in San Francisco, then you may have been at the Renegade Craft Fair over the weekend. If so, you would only have enjoyed yourself if you had been sure to stop by and meet some of our members there -- in particular, the lovely ladies pictured here. That's Nieves Rathbun from By Nieves on the left. You … [Read More]

10 Signs Your Small Business Will Be Successful

plants and coins showing growth

This article is for all Makers and handmade entrepreneurs, but mainly for the newbies. One of the questions I get most often is: "How do I know my business will work?" The short answer is that you don't know. No one knows. Entrepreneurship is about many things, and one of those things is risk. When you start a business, you take a chance that it … [Read More]

Natural Alternatives to Mass Market Deodorant

pure pitz deodorant from purely lisa

Did you know that several of our members offer alternatives to mass market deodorant? In this post, I will share some of them with you, and let you know about my personal experience with Pure Pitz from our member, Lisa Wynn Salvatore over at Purely Lisa in Greenwich, Connecticut. I have never used anything other than what I've gotten at my local … [Read More]

Texas Business Law Attorney, Eraka Watson, Esq. Featured on The Black Voice

Eraka Watson, Esq. on Fox

As you know, most of our members make handmade products or provide consulting services, ingredients, and supplies to people Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs. One of our newest members is a Texas-based attorney offering legal and business law services to small business owners and the people who lead them. Eraka Watson, Esq. (left), was recently … [Read More]

Small Business Success Tips from Dawn Fitch of Pooka Pure and Simple

Dawn Fitch Interview on WPIX-11

Our member, Dawn Fitch of Pooka Pure & Simple, was interviewed this week by Sukanya Krishnan, news anchor at New York's WPIX-TV (Channel 11), the flagship station of The CW Television Network, with an audience of over 10 million homes. Here is the interview (yes, there is a commercial at the beginning ...) Enjoy the small business success tips! … [Read More]

Purchase a Telephone Consultation

business consulting - text in 3d arrows, management develop concept

There are numerous ways that I consult with my Indie Business Network members. A monthly Access Q+A Coaching call is included with their annual membership and we have Success Calls at least once a month. You can join IBN here if that interests you. I also answer as many of their questions as I can in our private member Facebook group.But people who … [Read More]

Entrepreneurship Buys Freedom, says Oyin Handmade

Donna Maria and Jamyla Bennu at Oyin Handmade

This week is so much fun! I am in my hometown of Washington, DC, for several days to enjoy time with my family and to set the stage for some exciting things coming up here at the Indie Business Network. You'll be hearing a lot more details in the coming days, but for now, I want to share a sneak peak. You may have noticed me using the #MakerShine … [Read More]