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Announcing 2×4 Live!


What better day to announce 2x4 Live than today -- Small Business Saturday! After nearly sixteen years of business ownership, which was preceded by a long career working for someone else, I have concluded that entrepreneurship is the most rewarding way to provide for yourself and your family while you also have fun and create meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. But as wonderful … [Read More]

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Thankgiving 2015

As I embrace this wonderful day that we set aside in the US to reflect on the abundance and blessings in our lives, my thoughts turn to my Indie Business Network members, and Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs around the world. While we come from different backgrounds, and we have different hopes and dreams, a thread of brilliance binds us … [Read More]

November 2015 Access Q+A Coaching Call


Our IBN member Access Q+A Coaching Call has a new twist this month! Today, we’re debuting a “Hot Seat” coaching feature where a member or two, selected in advance, sit in our Hot Seat so our coaches can help them Masteremind (brainstorm) a specific challenge in their business. As always, our call will be recorded for members who cannot … [Read More]

November Success Call: How To Use Periscope to Engage Your Customers and Fans


Have you heard of Periscope? Of course you have. Have you used it? Have you used it well? Would you like to learn how to use it better, from someone who is one of the earliest adapters ... and who has nearly a million hearts!!? (You must know what "hearts" are, right?!) If you want to embrace a powerful new way to engage your customers and fans as … [Read More]

November 2015 Member Makeover: Kiss Freely in Rockville Centre, NY


After the debut of our newest member benefit, our Member Makeover last month, I knew we were onto something. The hands-on, deep dive, live review of one of our member's websites, niche, and brand presence not only informed her, but it also informed the entire membership. There is no better learning atmosphere then one filled with positive, … [Read More]

Announcing the 2015 Handmade Holiday Gift Guide!

HGG Launch 2015 (1)

I am pleased to announce the release of our 2015 Handmade Holiday Gift Guide! Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs from across North American are going all out to make sure you have wonderful local handmade goodness to share with your friends and loved ones this holiday season. Announcing the 2015 Handmade Holiday Gift Guide! Our Handmade … [Read More]

October 2015 Member Makeover: Jade Lilly in Bolingbrook, Illinois


The big day is finally here! It's the day of our first Indie Business Network Member Makeover, where we take a deep dive into a member's website and answer their questions and make suggestions for how they can make their online presence even better. We start promptly at 1pm EST (11am MDT | 12pm CST | 10am PDT). Not only is this great for the … [Read More]

Community is King (and also, Queen)

Community King

Content is important, but community is king. In fact, it's not only king, but it's also queen. Content is everywhere, but community is everything. Content is all over the place, and most of it is either an overly sales-y waste of Internet real estate or a repeat (often plagiarized) of content someone else has already shared. In fact, there … [Read More]

#IndieCruise Mastermind 2016 Presenter: Kim Jones: Yoga on the Beach


In previous posts, I have introduced our speakers for #IndieCruise 2016. Just in case you missed them, they are me, Anne-Marie Faiola, and Stacia Guzzo, and Roberta Perry. We will be learning and growing our businesses exponentially, but we will also be renewing ourselves with relaxing downtime, walks along the shore, and fun excursions. We will … [Read More]

Indie Business Podcast: Season 04: Martha Stewart 2015 American Made: Archive


What an amazing Season 04 we had on the Indie Business Podcast! It was so exciting to introduce you to a Martha Stewart 2015 American Made Finalist from each of the four categories: Style, Design, Food and Crafts. The winners will be announced tomorrow, October 23!! I am gearing up for Season 05, but for now, I present you with an … [Read More]

Introducing Virtual Hot Seat Coaching!

Hot seat

I am SO EXCITED to share the launch of the Indie Business Network's newest member benefit: The Virtual Hot Seat. (If you already know you want to be the first to sit in our Virtual Hot Seat, click here to apply.) As you know, our Head Coach, Christine Laureano of Ba6 Botanicals and Ba6 Content Marketing leads our monthly Q+A Access Coaching Calls … [Read More]

How to Separate Your Self From Your Business

Separate from biz

As a Maker and Handmade Entrepreneur, it sometimes seems impossible to separate your self from your business. This is not necessarily always a bad thing. The democratization of business and the work-life merger have made entrepreneurship accessible to everyone with a good idea and a mobile device. But while the era of sharp distinction between who … [Read More]

The Fall 2015 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge Starts Today!


Yes, that's right, another 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge starts today! In June of this year, one of my members (Stacia Guzzo, if you want to know which one) told me that she had seen stunning increases in traffic to her website since she started blogging more regularly. Since I have been a blogger for over a decade, this was no surprise to me. … [Read More]

#IndieCruise Mastermind 2016 Speaker: Roberta Perry: How to Get Media Attention For Your Brand!


Ihave previously introduced you to a few of our speakers for #IndieCruise 2016. Just in case you missed them, they are me, Anne-Marie Faiola, and Stacia Guzzo. Today, I am thrilled to share a new speaker, Roberta Perry from Scrubz Natural Skincare in Bethpage, New York. Join me in welcoming Roberta, as we prepare to gather at the beautiful … [Read More]

October Success Call: What You Need to Know About Handmade Product Liability Insurance


Would you like to ask the insurance broker who services IBN’s product liability insurance program some questions? Are you uncertain about exactly what is and is not covered? Are you considering buying insurance, but are not sure whether or not you need it? Thinking about switching to IBN’s program, but want to get some questions answered first? If … [Read More]